Cebu Roadtrip: Kai Nani Pointe, Alcoy

Early Mornings in Tingko Beach, Alcoy

Kai Nani Pointe Cottages was my first choice when we first discussed our team building venue. However, due to, ahem, logistics delays, we lost our reservation. So we settled for the next best thing, the resort beside Kai Nani Pointe (next best thing might not be the correct term, the cottages in the resort next door is way too rundown to be called as ‘the next best thing’ but beggars cant be choosers).

The cottages are on top of big boulder rocks in Kai Nani Pointe, overlooking on the great stretch of beach and the blue sea beyond. That was my only reason why I wanted to stay in Kai Nani Pointe. Anyway, maybe next time, we will have better luck.

Kai Nani Pointe, Tingko Beach, Alcoy

Kai Nani Pointe Cottage

The cottages costs 1500 pesos per night and can accommodated 10 pax. Adjacent to the cottage is a small dressing room. The comfort rooms are communal though. Kai Nani Pointe also has rooms available but I think  it was quite expensive, about 4000 per night, which is quite ridiculous specially for cheapo backpackers. Why pend when you could just put up a tent and pay minimum? :)

For those interested to stay in Kai Nani Pointe, you can contact them on these numbers:


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5 thoughts on “Cebu Roadtrip: Kai Nani Pointe, Alcoy

  1. Janice Peterson

    yea!that is a nice beach!I really admire the cottages on top of the big rocks!

  2. wahini

    Hi, do you have other contact numbers of this resort?I tried calling the ones posted above but it’s either the number is not in use or wrong number. HELP :p

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