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Mystified by Siquijor: Siquijor in a Day

Local movies from the 70s and 80s gave the general public the idea that Siquijor is full of mangkukulam (black witches) and aswang (monsters). I was an 80s baby and growing up in small city in the 90s, movies from the 80s were still being circulated and widely watched in Betamax so I had this bad impression of Siquijor as place where you sometimes get poisoned by just buying Buko juice from the corner and that typical old lady across the street could be the mother of all witches.

After a decade and armed with a college education and a more worldly perspective, my childhood friend and I decided to back pack to the island of mystery and magic. With very limited cash and a backpack full of clothes and toiletries, we hopped on a bus for Negros Oriental and steeled ourselves for the long ride. From Cebu, Siquijor is accessible in 2 modes of transportation:

  1. Get on a plane bound for Dumaguete in Negros Oriental and catch the ferry to Siquijor. The entire journey would only last 2 hrs maximum but would cost more.
  2. Get on a bus bound for Liloan port located on the southern part of Cebu. Ride a ferry for Sibulan port then get on another ferry for Siquijor. The entire journey would last about 4-5 hrs but would cost considerably less.

Since we were all carefree and broke then, time is of no problem but money is, so we opted to take the longer route. If you sit on the left side of the bus and does not mind letting your behind sleep for a couple of hours, you would actually get to witness scenic views of crystal blue waters, postcard pretty landscapes and the serenity of living in the province. When we got to Liloan port, we couldn’t believe it was a seaport since the waters are much clearer than the beaches in the city.

From Dumaguete, you can catch on a fastcraft to Siquijor. However, it is advisable that if you go on a Sunday, better stop by the Dumaguete first to confirm the schedule. Fare is about 160 pesos one way if you opt to ride on the Delta. There are other smaller boats going to Siquijor and will cost less than the Delta. But based on the weather at that time, I dont trust my stomach to be intact by the time I reach Siquijor. We took the 9 AM trip and planned to come back to Dumaguete on the 3 PM trip. I know, bitin, but that was due to bad planning. On Sundays, the earliest boat to Siquijor is 9 AM but on weekdays you can take on the 6 AM trip. Continue reading

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